This is great! Can you ship it to me?

Project Genius ships everywhere in the U.S, Canada, and Mexico. Place your order now, and you’ll find your game on your front doorstep in no time! (For all other international orders, contact orders@projectgeniusinc.com)


This game would be perfect for my store! How do I order wholsale?

We love our specialty retailers! Contact orders@projectgeniusinc.com to find out more or to place an order!


What is your return policy?

If for some reason, there is a problem with your game reach out to katie@projectgeniusinc.com. We are more than happy to replace any item that is defective.


I want to play now! When will my game ship to me?

All orders will begin shipping at the end of August 2018. Keep an eye out for a confirmation e-mail that will notify you when you order has shipped!


It looks so nice! What is it made of?

Chroma Cube is made from a fine quality wood that will look beautiful on your table!


What’s the age range for these games?

These games are enjoyable for anyone aged 8 to 108! They are fun for all and the only limit is your own logic and strategy! For younger players, games may be more enjoyable while played with an adult to answer any tricky questions.


How hard are the color puzzles on the cards?

There are twenty-five puzzle cards, and as you work your way through them, you will find that they progress from relatively easy, to slightly more difficult, to some that are down-right diabolical! The higher the puzzle card number, the more cryptic the puzzle.


I solved the puzzle, and all of the clues are correctly met, but I have a different answer than what’s shown on the back! Did I do something wrong?

Congratulations! There are 479,001,600 possible ways to arrange the blocks on the tray, so it is possible that you have found an alternate solution to one of the puzzles. Reach out to us on the Facebook Project Genius Page, and we will let you know where you went wrong OR feature you on our page for one of our Customer’s Genius Solves posts!